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Re: (TFT) News from the front

Cidrin forces penetrated the outskirts of Ra-Tek today, in a daring attempt to tip the fortunes of war in there favor. It is hoped that these highly trained forces can disrupt and sabotage the Ra-Tek defense effort and bring the siege to a rapid close.

Cidrin High Command has refused to acknowledge that such an operation is underway. But it clear that the siege of Ra-Tek will be decided shortly. Men and equipment on the Cidrin side have been seen moving into what, we assume, is a position to mount a final assault on the walls of the enemy.

The siege here is now one year old, and pressure is mounting on King Huruthra to bring it to victorious close. "The King is mad ! he will bankrupt us all !" said on local merchant in the capital. Cidrin currency has been devalued in an effort to pay for this campaign and as a result it's value has plummeted on the Luxurian exchange. "I can't go on like this for long, the cost of camel dung has gone through the roof !".

If the siege is successful it would leave Cidri in command of the rich Iron, Tin, and Silver deposits located in the mountains around Ra-Tek

Mad King or Master Strategist ? Will Cidrin forces carry the day ?
Or will King Huruthra be forced to abandon his siege ?

This is Kelson Amanpoor of House CNN reporting...
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