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Re: (TFT) converting solos

Patrick Keleher wrote:
>      I've been playing around this weekend with converting some of the old 
> Tunnels and Trolls solitaires into TFT, just for my own fun since solitaires 
> are all I play currently.  Has anyone else has converted solitaire 
> adventures from other systems to TFT?  

Since I play some solo TFT (less now that I've got the hang of PBEM!),
this is an interesting tack.  Do other solo adventures survive the
transition to TFT?

And just to get the ol' conversational ball rolling now that I think
the server problems are behind us, what's your favorite solo adventure,
both TFT and non-TFT?

I've caught some flack on this before, but I thought Masters of the
Amulets worked pretty well as a solo game.  The randomness of the
amulet placement made for pretty good replay value, which was good
since it took me a few tries to get through and win the game!  It
would have been trivial in replaying had the amulets been in the same

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