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(TFT) Purple Death Hippos

I found these critters while browsing the internet over the holiday weekend and extrapolated this conversion to TFT.
These subartic relatives of the tropical hippopotamus have developed telekinetic abilities in order to support their immense weight, and, to better fuel their telekinesis, they have evolved into carnivores. Purple death hippos generally leave human(oid)s alone, preferring the blubbery meat of walruses and cetaceans, but humans will hunt them for their ivory and their purple fur, and purple death hippos will protect themselves when hunted. Purple death hippos are found in family groups of from 4 to 20 members. The smallest groups will be a mated pair with 2 or 3 young. Larger groups consist of a male and his pride, with possibly one or two matrons or elderly males, and, on rare occasions, the male is a full grown bull, or a grand matron is included in the pride. Sometimes small groups of widowed matrons whose young have grown are met.
Infant  SZ:2  ST:25  DX:9/14  IQ:6  MA:8/20  HS:1  Bite:1D+2
Adolescent  SZ:4  ST:50  DX:9/14  IQ:6  MA:6/20  HS:2  Bite:2D+1
Sick/Elderly  SZ:6  ST:50  DX:9/14  IQ:6  MA:6/20  HS:1  Bite:2D+1
Female  SZ:6  ST:75  DX:9/14  IQ:6  MA:6/20   HS:2  Bite:3D
Male or Matron  SZ:6  ST:100  DX:9/14  IQ:6  MA:6/20  HS:2  Bite:3D+2
Bull or GrandMatron  SZ:10  ST:150  DX:9/14  IQ:6  MA:4/20  HS:2  Bite:4D+1
(For DX first number is physical, second is telekinetic. For MA first number in on land, second is in air or water.) Females, males, matrons, bulls, and grandmatrons can all stomp for 3D. All purple death hippos can drop themselves from telekinetic flight onto prey causing 1D per hex of size (SZ) impact damage to the victim of their plummet. All purple death hippos have the following "spells": Reverse missles (only against physical items, not missle spells), Break weapon (will only recognize a weapon as a weapon when it is used against them), Flight (costs 3ST, or 1ST per hex of size, whichever is greater, ans 2ST per turn to maintain), and Telekinesis. Campfire tales are told of 14 hex greatgrandmatrons (2,3,4,3,2 configuration). The hides of grand matrons and elderly purple death hippos are not worth much -- too warty, and the fur becomes patchy -- and the ivory of elderly males is generally worthless. Purple death hippos were developed by Ken StAndre from an idea of Ugly John Carver. You can read more about purple death hippos at gtiweb.gtec.com/xavier/Almanac/alm_bestiary.htm.
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