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(TFT) Guild membership

    Hey there.
    What do you think might happen to a person who hired a non-guild wizard?
    Do you suppose mysterious misadventures might befall his business, home, 
family, and even himself?  
    Try getting a job as a contractor if you are not a member of the union, 
um, guild even today in some towns.  What happens?  No one will hire you 
openly, for fear of retaliation by the union / guild.  Plus, the union / 
guild holds its members to certian standards of pay, treatment, and quality.
    Now apply this to an adventurer-wizard.  He has the experience and memory 
to learn that spell he has wanted for two years.  But 99% of the wizards in 
the area are union members.  Where will he learn it?  And since he can't get 
work as a wizard, to make money, he has to do manual labor, like cleaning 
stalls.  (There is no stall-cleaners guild.)
    Just apply union politics to the campaign, and every wizard will 
eventually join the union, if only to try and change his "bad luck".  
    Just my $.02 worth.
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