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Re: (TFT) Wizard's Guild Membership

Michael Taylor wrote:
> Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
> >>>>  16 racked cantrips, and an active
> >>>>imagination, is sometimes harder to deal with than a fireball.
> I agree, and these are the kind of things a village mystic is much more
> likely to want than "Blink".

Too true.  To quote a mage of my aquaintance, "A Lightning Bolt is not
power.  Power to do what?  To kill men?  Men have been killed since the
dawn of time.  Any idiot can kill men.  True Power lies in doing the
impossible, not in doing the mundane, no matter how impressively."

> >>>>I think in a magickal world, magick would trickle down.  Why scrub that
> >>>>delicate inlaid ewer, when it can be Cleaned?
> I also think that because magic doesnt have any obvious 'alignment' it
> becomes more 'mystical' to your typical peasant type. It may be easy for
> someone to show you how to cast a Burning Hands spell, but since you dont
> who  'controls' it you may be worried for your soul if you learn it.

Considering how many factions have an interest in convincing folk one
great power or another is behind the workings of magick, I'm surprised
how lightly some systems and campaigns treat this issue.

> However, a simple Clean spell seems much more beneign. Magic has a mystique
> that works against someone trying to get along with group as an excepted
> member of society unless their magic is of the most helpful and
> non-threatening kind.

I've got a multi-elf in a campaign under another rules system.  2nd
level mage, and her spells?  Cantrips, (old style), Read Magic,
Identify, Unseen Servant, and soon to come, (dum dum dummmm) Mending!

Let the unversatile attract the attention of opposing archers with showy
magicks.  I've got better things to do.
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