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(TFT) TFT: Learning Spells

Dan writes . . .

>Admittedly it would probably be faster to learn the
>spell after watching someone do it.  But it shouldn't
>be as easy to pick up as it would be if they learned
>it in a Guild.

   Yep, definitely not.  Researching a new spell (even at half-cost and
time) should always be harder than simply learning an existing one.

>If the Wizard's Guild gave you some kind of indelible
>mark when you entered, there would be no 'quitting'
>the Guild - you'd be marked for life.

   Good point, although one could /virtually/ quit the Wizards' Guild by
simply refusing to pay dues.  Of course that could be illegal as well.  8^/

>I dunno, I was just tossing out idea on the possible
>advantages and disadvantages of Guild membership.

   No problem.  Of course that's the purpose of a mailing list: Throw out an
idea and watch it get hacked to tiny bits by rabid subscribers.  8^)  I'm
sure many of my ideas here have gone over like a lead zeppelin.

>I think the basic point remains: Guild membership ought
>to provide some tangible benefit.  Im not sure the 'no
>cost' rule in ITL (I forget the page number you mentioned)
>is a good idea - I can't think of a single present-day
>counterpart which doesn't require some kind of upfront fee.

   I agree wholeheartedly on the first bit.
   Actually the second one too.  The "no cost" thing was just me making fun
of the fact that you could get away with something for nothing.  To avoid
this rule rape there could be a minimum amount for membership dues.

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