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(TFT) TFT: Spell Crystal

   I just rediscovered this magic item while looking for a different article
in Space Gamer 39.  Enjoy.

SPELL CRYSTAL: This useful item always takes the form of a pure
   crystal lens, usually mounted in a headband, helm, or pendant.
   The crystal can store the last creation spell cast by a wizard,
   and automatically repeats the casting of the same spell each
   turn until the wizard wills the crystal to stop.  This allows
   two functions:
      A spell crystal gives the wizard the option to double a
   creation spell he just cast.  So if he summons a gargoyle (for
   example), two appear instead.
      A wizard can also have the crystal repeat the same spell once
   per turn as often as desired.  After creating a gargoyle (or
   two, as above) the crystal creates another gargoyle every turn
   afterwards.  New gargoyles (or whatever) appear immediately
   after the wizard's turn to act.  Once the repetition of a spell
   is stopped the wizard must recast the spell to get it going
      Additional creations don't require any action on the wizard's
   part to appear.  So while the crystal is churning out extra
   gargoyles the wizard can do whatever he wants to in those same
   turns, including run, fight, or even cast other spells.
      The ST cost for all creations (original and duplicates) must
   come from the wizard (or a ST battery).  A wizard with four
   gargoyles running around would still have to use 4 ST each to
   summon them and 1 ST per turn to maintain each one.  [Draper

Magic Item      Price    Weeks     ST/day   Cost/week of
                ($)      to make            ingredients ($)
Spell Crystal   12,500   5         150      1559

Ingredients required weekly
(and starting item required)
1 dose Telepathy ($1500); parrot's tongue ($35); $24 ci.  Must
start with crystal lens ($500)

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Mutual Fund   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
Current fund value: $1.92 per share.

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