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Re: (TFT) TFT/DragonQuest(SPI)?

> Other than they are both out of print, published by companies no
> longer in business and both a ton of fun I am not following you.
> TFT uses a probability system based on a bell curve, while DQ uses a
> cumulative probability system.
> >Has anyone here ever noticed the congruences between TFT and SPI's
> >DragonQuest?
> --

You are absolutely right in what you state but there are some similarities
in the movement and combat action system that I think Thorn is thinking
about.  At least in the first and second edition of Dragonquest.  I remember
many, many moons ago, how members of my roleplaying group remarked on the
similarity of the combat movement and actions.  Close enough that I can see
what Thorn is stating.

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