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Re: (TFT) TFT: New Rules

Dave Seagraves wrote:
>    I glanced at DragonQuest many moons ago, back when it and Universe were
> SPI's entries into the RPG market.  Back then I found the case format mildly
> intimidating, which is one of the reasons I never gave it a try.

Never got to really see Universe.  The local owner of it kept it close
to the vest.  I suspect he intended to throw parts of it at his DQ
players.  :)

>    So what are the differences?  Any concepts or mechanics which might be
> useful in a TFT campaign?

d%, flat probability for hits, all damage in form of d10+/- X


Moves on a hex grid, facing changes allowed at the same times as TFT. 
That was the tip off.  Then the old hand players started telling us
about 'Endurance' and 'Grievous' damage...

"If you roll under 15% of your chance to hit, you hit Endurance..."

The other TFT player and I looked at each other, and said, "Double

"If you roll under 5% of your chance to hit, you do Grievous..."

We said, "Triple Damage".

"Let me guess", the other TFT guy said, you can move half your movement
and attack?"

"Ah... yeah.  _Unless_, it's with a polearm..."

I cut in, "Then you can charge your full move."  They nodded slowly,
like we were Penn and Teller(though this was long before that).  "And if
you want to change weapons, you can only move one hex."

"Or one hex and fire a bow.", the other TFT guy said.

"You guys played this game before?", they asked.

"Looks that way."

Anyway, the influence is obvious.  To be fair, there is original work in
DQ, but let's just say it has it's mother's eyes.

As for what might be, ah, _adapted_ for TFT, well, I've seriously
considered their two-tier 'hits that you dodge with, which come back
quickly' over 'hits that really _hurt_, which come back slowly' approach
for TFT, but the rampant bloodshed of TFT would suffer.  :)  Still, for
some games, that's what you want.

Spell ideas, of course, as might be found in any rpg of the genre.  And
source material galore on 'spell colleges' and demons, rated from
demonic janitors to CEOs, or some such.

Always a good read.  Worth picking up.

> Bulgan writes . . .
> >Anyone thought of gathering all the house rules, new monsters,
> >spells, talents, etc and putting it all together for us hard-
> >core TFT'ers.
>    Right now I'm in the middle of transforming both into something suitable
> for semi-professional publication to share with other GMs out there.  Anyone
> wanting a copy would just have to send the cost of printing and postage, or
> even cheaper off the shelf of the local game store.

Sign me up.
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