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(TFT) simplicity tradeoff

Dear all,
the thing is we all deal with this in different ways. I like TFT for its
simplicity, and I also had a soft spot for AD&D (and CoC for that matter).
When I was younger, in the way-off 80's, I liked each game for its merits
and enjoyed different aspects of each (yes, I even enjoyed alignments, but
only when DM'ed loosely). Thus there was a time when i would have
beenreluctant to consider radically redeigning one of the games and
ditching the other two (such as adding attributes to the 3 basic TFT ones,
when the simplicity of TFT was a seeling point.) 
However on 2nd thoughts, having only one, optimal, game	becomes more
appealing given that I have precious little free time these days so if/when
i ever play/GM again, I probably better stick to one system and make the
most of it...Looking at it this way makes thorn's idea more appealing in
some way.
my 2 cents
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