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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

Our fearless leader Joe states,

<<<I got Melee in '77 when I was 15.  Wizard followed in '78 (first edition
copies of both!)  MicroQuests were gotten when I could find them; they
weren't the easiest games to find.  I got mine at a mall Kay-Bee store; I'm
surprised they carried the line as long as they did, but maybe it helped
I bought one of everything they had, and convinced others to do the same :)

AM/AW/ITL were simply rumors based on blurbs in some of the games I bought.
I never found copies until after I started this list.  I now own the whole
TFT series, and am working on filling in the gaps of the whole Metagaming

I must have bought both first editions in 1978 of Melee and Wizard.  As Joe,
I brought them at a mall in a hobby store in Philly.  At the time, I was big
time into D&D (BAD&D) and I went to the store to specifically buy a D&D
module which I bought.  Just so happens up at the store counter was a small
boxed display of Metagames and behold there was Melee and Wizard for a total
of about $6 and I had $10 extra after buying the module.  Let me just say
the D&D module is long gone but I still have Melee and Wizard.

As far as TFT:ITL/AM/AW goes, I bought them at a hobby store in 1979 and
continued to play the game continuously for about 6 years.

Yours in Cidri,


BTW I teach 7th graders American history and you know you are old when you
teach them history you remember personally.  Hey gramps (not there yet) what
ya do in the olden times.  I played a game that now only lives in retro.

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