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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

"grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com> wrote:
> As a brighter spot, remember house rules were around before the demise of
> the "profit-making (ha!)" TFT and they are around now.  There is nothing
> Howard can do about those and I think this is what this forum is about.

Exactly right.  I don't want to step on any copyrighted toes, but house
rules, new spells and talents are exactly what I had in mind when I set
this all up.

> Question as a list:  At what age did you start to play TFT and what year was
> that?  I was 20 in 1979 and 18 when I bought Melee/Wizard two years earlier
> (41 going on death)

I got Melee in '77 when I was 15.  Wizard followed in '78 (first edition
copies of both!)  MicroQuests were gotten when I could find them; they
weren't the easiest games to find.  I got mine at a mall Kay-Bee store; I'm
surprised they carried the line as long as they did, but maybe it helped that
I bought one of everything they had, and convinced others to do the same :)

AM/AW/ITL were simply rumors based on blurbs in some of the games I bought.
I never found copies until after I started this list.  I now own the whole
TFT series, and am working on filling in the gaps of the whole Metagaming

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