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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

> I think I recall reading somewhere, perhaps in an issue of TSG,
> (on the design of GURPS?) that Howard quoted SJ was $250,000.00
> While TFT was popular, I don't think it was ever that popular!
Following Dan's line, if someone did get the rights from Howard is it really
worth it except for you gentlemen out there in list land.  The competition
is tremendous in RPG land.  I never put good money before bad.  The chance
of TFT making a profit again is slim and none.  Remember all Metagaming
flopped!  I think it is sometimes our 14 - 21 year old thinking in our
wishful 30 to 40 years plus brains.  I'm sorry to be the realist here but
sometimes we all wish for our "innocent" past.  Always remember the saying
"You can't go home again!"

As a brighter spot, remember house rules were around before the demise of
the "profit-making (ha!)" TFT and they are around now.  There is nothing
Howard can do about those and I think this is what this forum is about.

Question as a list:  At what age did you start to play TFT and what year was
that?  I was 20 in 1979 and 18 when I bought Melee/Wizard two years earlier
(41 going on death)

Yours in the realistic part of Cidri,


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