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Re: (TFT) apprentices

srydzews@ix.netcom.com wrote:
>   Recent discussions about the guild got me to thinking about those
> pesty apprentices.  What is known about these guys?  They get paid/
> cost $30 a week and can be counted on for 25 ST a day.  There is
> supposed to be some obligation on the part of the employing wizard
> to train them, but as far as I know the exact amount of time that
> needs to be devoted to this training is never specified.  Any
> thoughts?

I think you only have a duty to train 'your' apprentices, those you have
a long-term relationship with.  I also think 'your' apprentices don't
get $30 a day.  They get training, and hazard pay, and maybe a cut of
the take from adventures or magic items made.

The other sort are 'contractor' apprentices, who don't get 'benefits'. 

>   AW never goes into any detail about exactly apprentices do for you.
> I mean, yeah, they cast Aid spells and give you ST.  If that's all
> there is to it, though, then why not hire "Aid Spell day laborers"?
> Any clod with IQ9 could learn the Aid spell, and if he had a DX of
> 12+ he could cast it about as reliably as a typical apprentice. I'd
> much rather pay such guys $30 a week than have a bunch of apprentices
> hanging around, whining about wanting training and practicing one-hex
> fire in my basement.
>   And if I were some sort of day-laborer type I'd jump at the chance
> to do this kind of work instead of digging coal (or whatever) all
> day.  $30 is decent pay for semi-skilled work, too!

A non-wizard _can_ learn a spell, but: He's got to be _smarter_ than a
wizard would be, so a 'hero' would need IQ 12 or so (books are in the
basement) to learn Aid.  Also, heroes cast spells at a minus to DX. 
Which, if it brought you under the requisite DX for an apprentice
wizard, would I'm sure seriously limit your clientele.
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