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Re: [(TFT) Moronic D&D]

"grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com> wrote:

> audience.  How old were you when you bought TFT and why?

it was 1981 or 1982 when I discovered TFT. I'd been playing AD&D which had a
SOLID lock on the Philippines -- you couldn't find any other FRPG system.
Anyway I was a travel journalist and worked for a company in Singapore. I
discovered TFT there and picked up the basic sets to keep me company on a
midnight trip to Bahrain (don't ask). I opened the sets on the flight and was
kept up until around 3 am Middle Eastern time. I was hooked. When I got back
to Singapore I bought up all the Megaming stuff I could lay my hands on --
which wasn't very much. I believe I introduced TFT to the Philippines. NO
other group was playing it.


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