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Re: (TFT) Moronic D&D

grabowski wrote:
> Thorn states,
> We wouldn't be writing this for the 13-yr olds T$R writes for.  A
> moronic level of clarity is not needed.>>>
> Always remember you were once at that state as well.  Remember they are
> still the big bucks (teens) in the RPG industry.  You write for your
> audience.  How old were you when you bought TFT and why?

Said that in another post, but I was a moronic 13yr old.  :)

My Aunt had given me the blue boxed D&D set, with Keep on the
Borderlands.  But we liked Melee rules better.  So...

<wavey flashback screen effects>

"Alright, Bahb swings his Two-handed Sword, his DEX is 14...  12, he
hits.  Roll 3d6 for damage... 14.  Cool.  The module says the goblins
are wearing leather, that's two points off, so you do 12.  It has 4. 
It's dead."

"What about the next one?  Can I just mow them down?"

"Hmmm...  We could take the armor off again, on the way out...  That
leaves six points of damage.  Roll to hit."


"Okay, that will kill another one..."

<wavey end-flashback effects>

We had fun.
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