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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

I like it and would be happy to help a core-group kick some ideas around.. Maybe a fan-created Interplay mag . . . Fan mags were a big rage around 70-80's . . . They featured game varients, stories, etc...

I feel this group has been playing TFT for such a long time, there can be no better experts than us!

We could work it like this: (I guess this is the 'framework' someone
else said we needed).

...(other sections, maybe)...

Sec. X: House Rules
           Carnn and Environs
           Runes of the New World

We'd have one section for monsters, I'd guess.  I'd write my Sept
Gargoyles with my RNW stats, and Jim Fountas could write his 'Lost City
Demons' with his stat set.  Each monster would have a declaration of
which campaign it came from, and each campaign section in House Rules
would explain those stats.

We wouldn't be writing this for the 13-yr olds T$R writes for.  A
moronic level of clarity is not needed.

What do you guys think?  This could really be an amazing thing.
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