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Re: Re: (TFT) TFT Release

grabowski@erols.com wrote:
> Following Dan's line, if someone did get the rights from Howard 
> is it really worth it except for you gentlemen out there in list
> land.  The competition is tremendous in RPG land.  I never put 
> good money before bad.  The chance of TFT making a profit again 
> is slim and none.  

Of course.  No one said anything about doing this to make money.

> Remember all Metagaming flopped!  I think it is sometimes our 
> 14 - 21 year old thinking in our wishful 30 to 40 years plus 
> brains.

The bottom line is that if enough people would be willing to put
up real money to do this it could be done.  How many people would
be willing to do so? - not for profit, but just to get the game
into circulation?  I, personally, know of four.  Maybe that's all 
there are in the whole wide world, but maybe not.

> Question as a list:  At what age did you start to play TFT and 
> what year was that?

I started in 1981.  But who cares?  What's important is that I 
haven't stopped.  

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