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(TFT) Rules, Publishing and the World WIde Web...

Dear All,
why are we quibbling about publishing rules?

What is wrong with sticking things on websites? Then anyone who has a
printer can print what he likes and make his/her costomizable TFT additions
rulebook! If someone wants to upload something online, well I'm sure I or
Brett or Joe or DMGII will be happy to stick it somewhere (Ty seems busy).
It takes up negligible webspace anyway. We gotta webring, what more do we
I got Arachnophilia (a HTML program, which converts .RTF files to .HTML
pages and preserves the formatting (though not good with spaces however)).
I'm happy to convert for other people or Arachnophilia is a free download
from Tucows (http://www.tucows.com).

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