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Re: (TFT) Rules, Publishing and the World WIde Web...

From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
Subject: (TFT) Rules, Publishing and the World WIde Web...
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 20:44:46 -0700

Dear All,
why are we quibbling about publishing rules?

What is wrong with sticking things on websites? Then anyone who has a
printer can print what he likes and make his/her costomizable TFT
additions rulebook!

Nothing wrong with putting your own created things on the website. Even mentioning an copyrighted item for the purposes of expounding your created item is OK (IMHO.) Its just that some of us have a Lawful alignment that makes it unethical for us to put someone elses copyright item up on the web wholesale w/o their permission.

So when your compiling all the TFT talents that were published by Metagaming, Interplay, Space Gamer & other mags, postings by the group, etc. How do you do it right? (I'm not talking about worrying about getting sued. I'm talking about: is it violating your own ethical standard to do that?) It gets nebulous when it is a group of fans (fanatics) who are mostly trying to expand the data that is already there, but not ours for printing purposes.

Perhaps a way to do it is Joe's concept for PBEM. He finds out if the player has a copy of ITL, AW, AM by asking them what is on page 32 or something like that. I'm assuming that all printings of ITL are identical; all the information is on the same page of any book.

Therefore if we publish, lets say a Full Talent Chart, any reference to a HT copyright item could just list the name and page of the item with no description. That would mean that the book would still have to be used to get the data and that should perhaps please the courts.

 IQ 10
   BLOCK/COUNTERSTRIKE (2). This allows a 12+Dex character to fully
      block and counterstrike the same opponent at -4Dex.
   FENCING (3). ITL Page 13
   REMOVE TRAPS (1). ITL Page 13
   SCAVENGING (2).  Allows character an IQ roll to see if he can
      pick up useful items in the local.
   COMPUTING (2).  SG #24 Page 29  "More Talents" by Jo Blo.

Just one possible solution to a sticky problem.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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