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Re: (TFT) Rules, Publishing and the World WIde Web...

John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> Therefore if we publish, lets say a Full Talent Chart, any reference to a HT 
> copyright item could just list the name and page of the item with no 
> description.  That would mean that the book would still have to be used to 
> get the data and that should perhaps please the courts.
> Sample:
>   IQ 10
>     BLOCK/COUNTERSTRIKE (2). This allows a 12+Dex character to fully
>        block and counterstrike the same opponent at -4Dex.
>     FENCING (3). ITL Page 13
>     REMOVE TRAPS (1). ITL Page 13
>     SCAVENGING (2).  Allows character an IQ roll to see if he can
>        pick up useful items in the local.
>     COMPUTING (2).  SG #24 Page 29  "More Talents" by Jo Blo.

I do like this approach, though it's not an "all in one" table type
of thing.

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