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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> Do I understand this correctly.  If we e-mail you a word document in PDF 
> form, you might be able to post it on the TFT Website?  Is that an easy 
> thing.  Would you be able to do several entries that for several people?  

I can easily put files on the website.  I prefer PDFs, but if all you
have is MSTurd, I can convert the files here.  The files should be emailed
to melee@brainiac.com with an explaination of what you need.

I do not have the time to do a PDF->HTML conversion (unless there's a tool
I don't know of for it; I just installed Acrobat 4.  Perhaps it's in that.)

One thing I feel strongly about, though, is posting copyrighted material
that's no released by the author.  This means that without HT's permission,
nothing taken from the TFT books, Interplay or The Space Gamer are allowed
to be posted.

> This is interesting.  The guy who is a purist, would host a site for 
> variations and newness.

:)  I like the discussions of rule changes.  I'd just not use most of them!

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