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(TFT) Age check & TFT release

I mail-ordered Stellar Conquest when I was in college, back in '75, and so was on Metagaming's mailing list. I ordered each of the microgames as they came out and ditto the microquests. Melee and Wizard were definately superior to D&D -- actually, to tell the truth, I never understood the original boxed D&D rules. They just plain confused me. (Of course, back then, I was stoned most of the time.) Melee and Wizard made sense. And I liked the solo microquests, I was painfully shy (Which being stoned most of the time doesn't help.) and rarely worked up the nerve to ask anyone to play with me. I used to buy modules just to read rather than play, sort of as a form of metafiction. I had almost all of Metagaming's line at one time, then in the late '80s or early '90s I decided to clean out all of the RPG and wargame stuff piled up in my dinky apartment. I gave most of the games to the Salvation Army. (About all I kept was Azhanti High Lightning and Hammer of Thor. AHL is too fine a game not to keep. H/T I kept because I am a sometimes Odinist.) When I moved to Rochester a little over a year ago I discovered copies of Melee and most of the microquests at Crazy Egor's and was hooked back into playing. I've supplemented the available solos with solo Tunnels and Trolls gamebooks (They play better using TFT.), and am converting the recent D&D:Diablo for solo TFT play too. Regarding publishing a compilation of house rules: I've been printing everything I like from this list's archives. I've probably used less than a tenth in actual play though. Way less than a tenth; I've filled four ring binders. But the stuff is neat to read. The thing is -- the appeal TFT has for me is the sublime simplicity of the original rules; I even think the advanced versions of Melee and Wizard are needlessly complicated. A digression from TFT: Has anyone out there ever heard of Dinky Dungeons? I would love to get copies of these if anyone has a set for sale.
                          -- Pat
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