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(TFT) Comparison???

<<<I got Death Test when it came into the hobby store. As I recall, I got
that day, and couldn't get to read it. Towards the end of a really bad
bought of flu, I picked it up and ran an adventure in my mind. Turning the
pages furiously as I concocted a story line of the events I was reading, my
mother came in to take my temperature. It sems that by reading and
engrossing myself in Death Test, I caused my temperature to go up over 100!
I got to stay home an extra day, and complete the epic while my folks were
at work. Ahhhh Deat Test and an extremely high metabolism. I still have


I think that is how Robert E. Howard got his conception of Conan.  Be
careful we know what happened to him!

Yours in Cidri and a sometimes ex-"got to get a life" young adult in a
forty-one year old body,

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