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Re: (TFT) WHY???

grabowski wrote:
> But WHY, Stan????  To satisfy some personal urge for the past?  

No.  Not in my case, anyway.  But this game keeps coming up. On
the tekumel listserv, the warhammer FRP listserv, people keep 
talking about this game, saying that it would make a good 
replacement for the clunky systems that are tied to their cool
settings.  I would like to see this game available to them.
I think TFT is very close to the ideal FRP system, and it 
twists me up inside that people have to scrounge around on
e-bay and similar rip shops to get copies of it.  It probably
sounds stupid to be so fired up about this...but gaming is not
something about which I show any restraint or moderation.  I 
devote virtually every second of my free time to running, 
playing, and preparing for games.  

> I think wishing the game would come back is just that WISHING. 

Very likely.  It's not something I have the resources to do on
my own.  But if there's any way, I'll do whatever I can. 

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