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(TFT) TFT Release

Hi everyone,
	I have long dreamed of getting the rights to TFT and
publishing it again.  The thing I would have done it would be 
to create several Melee and Wizard 'rule additions'.  For example
one might have the rules for a magic school that gives new 
working type spells, the laws involving duels and challenges, 
the advantages of guild memberships, and tons of variations to
make wizard duels more interesting.  Another might be a rules
supplement for thieves with a bunch of magic items for and 
against thieves and with rules for befriending animals etc.

	The idea is that people buy a bunch of rules at under
$5.00 a pop, until they have something nice.  THEN they will
be willing to contact us for the full rules (we advertise in every

	The advantage is that it is easier to get a line of pocket
box sized <= $5.00 supplements into the stores, than yet 
another RPG system.

	I suggest one change to the old rules.  Make the 
memory cost of talents 1/2 of what they were in the books.
Every TFT GM I've come across has found ways to give
heros more memory one way or another, and the simplest 
way to do this, is just lower the memory cost of the talents.
This will also make heros less weak compared to wizards.

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