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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V2 #23

> From: Vanesa Sanabria / Kirk Woller <sanabria@ktc.com>
> Subject: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V2 #19
> Fellow TFTers:
> Please excuse any protocol mistakes in replying to this list, since this is my
> first time.  I have been monitoring the discussion regarding "republishing" TFT
> and thought I would add my comments, whatever they are worth.
> I think TFT is Steve's one work of genius.  The other things he has done are
> good, but nothing will ever compare to the clean design and speedy play of TFT,
> unencumbered by numerous charts and monster manual and other such ilk.  I was
> really saddened when I found out that Metagaming was dead and there wouldn't be
> any more great modules such as Death Test or Orb Quest.

It's a great system, virtually no charts or tables.
> I think the key point to acquiring the rights to TFT will allow for two things:
> 1) new programmed adventure modules (if they are designed well) which make play
> quick and easy and 2) new players.  I have friends who have sons/daughters who
> love playing once we introduce them to it, but they can't go out and buy it, and
> neither can their friends, so some video game or other ill-designed RPG becomes
> the default.  This is sad.  And I would like to play new players and both use
> and perhaps design new modules.
> I truly hope that something can be done to overcome HT's selfish approach to a
> great game system and resurrect it.

Howard can be as selfish as he wants. As pointed out here, TFT has no
charts or tables (except skills/spells and price lists) so it would be
fairly easy to rewrite the game without violating his copyright. The
concept of Cidri would have to go, but I don't think of this as a loss.
Rewrite it, don't GURPs it, and make it copyleft.

Jim Eckman
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