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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

Justin writes:

>Good Luck but I will keep my money and I'll keep my $20-30 in 
>an old sock under my matress to buy the "hypothetical" 
>re-release of TFT!

As I see, we have these options:

   1)  Pool our Cash and make an offer to purchase the rights to
       TFT from Howard.   This is the option currently under
       discussion now.

   2)  Support Guy McLimore's "Pocket Fantasy" and "Compact
       Warrior/Sorceror" series.  I dunno about this one, I have
       some problems with the character generation system (much
       too random) and the grid cells.  It just feel right for
       a wargame.  Sorry Guy!

   3)  Use TFT as a model and write our own RPG that is based
       upon it.  We can agree it will be in the public domain,
       what the term "official release" means, etc.  This has
       a lot of possible benefits, the only drawback I can see
       is the committee development approach.

   4)  Do nothing and continue on as before.  I don't think I 
       need to elaborate here, but this is an option and thats 
       why it is listed.

  Personally, I think we could make a go of option 3 provided a
  'rule committee' of some sort is developed.  What do you all
  think?  I suppose the first question for such a committee
  would be "What do we call this project?"


btw ... my ISP will be changing its name soon from greatwhite.com
to mvpisp.com.  Joe, will I need to unsubscribe and then subscribe
to the list under the new name?  I guess that would be the cleanest
way to approach the changeover.

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