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(TFT) Devil's Advocate

Michael states,
> Just my thoughts....no offense meant, I just think alot differently about
> it than Justin and I thought he might want to understand.
None taken!  To paraphrase Voltaire,  "I may not agree with your opinion,
but I'll defend your right to have it!"

I'm sorry but I think you have "pipe dreams."  If something like what you
are "talking" about was going to take place it would have happened years ago
(almost 20) but didn't.  I myself would love to see the game reissued but I
think it is an "almost" dead issue.  I think HT wants to leave the past the
past otherwise he wouldn't want to stay hidden so long.

Good Luck but I will keep my money and I'll keep my $20-30 in an old sock
under my matress to buy the "hypothetical" rerelease of TFT!

Yours in Cidri and your Devil's Advocate,

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