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(TFT) WHY???

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But WHY, Stan????  To satisfy some personal urge for the past?  I think
wishing the game would come back is just that WISHING.  Yes, we all know it
is a great game but in a way I like that Metagaming is gone.  To me the
illusionary wall of going against the game rules is gone.  I will admit
I had some house rules when the company existed but I felt constrained or
guilty about having them.  Back then your players had to like them (no
matter how good they were) otherwise you used the systems rules as is.  Now
very few of us are alive, at least in this RPG, to feel any constraint in
changing rules for the "better".   Also we all have our own ideas on how
game should change or not and this would interfere with the re-creation of
the "NEW TFT".

How many us just want the game to be rereleased just so there would be new
modules or solo-quests?

I dont really know if I should answer this or not. Is it a rhetorical
question? Does Justin REALLY not understand why anyone would want to do

I probably should just let this one go by, but please realize that my
reponse is only meant in the spirit that Justin may really not understand
why I personally (and others) dont share this view. 

1. Why? Because it would be fun. It would definitely attract new players,
and have many other benefits, but mostly it would be fun. I dont know how
you feel about your job, but even at 38 yrs old, I think this would be more
fun than my regular job, even if I never  made a dime on it. In fact, I'd
even use my regular job to support it. Because it would be fun. You can do
alot of things in your life. This is something that I would like to do. 

2. The Illusionary Wall you speak of is simply not an issue for me. Maybe
it was when I was 14 but I personally DONT like that TFT is 'dead'.
Frankly, it seems logically a lot harder to modify rules in a dead game
system than one that is being played! Even when TFT was being published,
Interplay (and Different Worlds and Space Gamer) also published many
alternate rules for TFT, so I dont see how the activeness of a game makes
it any less vulnerable to being modified.

3. How would us all having our own ideas on how the game should change
interfere with a New TFT? It seems to me that pretty simple.
        a. One person will own the TFT rights. He (it's probably a he!)
will listen to the group and take their suggestions into consderation, but
ultimately publish whatever the heck he wants to. And he'll probably have
paid enough to earn that right.
        b. The Group/Company will own the rights. We'll discuss and fight
it out on what changes we do and do not want to see. 
                b.1. The changes we agree upon will make it into the rules.

                b.2. The changes we dont agree upon will become Optional

How hard is it? 

Just my thoughts....no offense meant, I just think alot differently about
it than Justin and I thought he might want to understand.


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