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Re: Re: (TFT) psychology of HT

Joe Hartley wrote:

> So where does this leave us all?  Pining for the fjords? (sorry!)
> In the past months since I found myself in the position of sole 
> conduit to the Thompsons, I've passed two or three requests up to 
> the next level.  As far as I know, there have been no offers that 
> were deemed solid enough to actually make it as far as Howard.

Were these "here's a check" offers or profitsharing/licensing ideas?

>Will a collective work?  I believe it is possible to raise enough 
>money to buy TFT in this manner, since I think that an offer between
>$20K and $50K would be enough.  My experience with collectives, 
>though, is poor.

Mine too.  I doubt we would ever be able to agree on a single set of 
revisions.  And I, for one, have real reservations about shelling
out a thousand or more just to give the game to some other private
owner.  That's why I think buying the rights and PDF-ing it "as is"
is the way to go.  I mean, probably the only thing we do agree on
is that TFT is a great game, warts and all.  Get the game out there,
and *then* we can start voting and arguing and whatnot about a second

The main obstacle I see to this is finding or setting up a legal 
entity "secure" enough that suspicious people (like me) would be 
willing to send money to it without fear of it vanishing in the 
night.  That may be the key factor that turns this into a "pipe 
dream".  (Hi Justin!)  Does anyone on the list have any legal 
expertise in matters like this?  

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