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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Thorn wrote:

> The idea of a hex of hexes is not new, I remember Greyhawk using 
> hexes on it's big map, with little hexes assumed within.
> How about 'Overhex'?  Or 'Radius One OverHex', which actually _says_
> something, and is not just a name.  The Chitin megahexes would be
> 'Radius Two' overhexes...
> A single hexagon could be a 'hex', a group of seven a 'curse', and group
> of 19 a 'damnation'.  :)  (In keeping with the 'Devil's Advocate' theme)

Hex, Curse and Damnation!  heh, heh ... I like it!  : )

If I were going to the design the ultimate TFT-like RPG, I think 
I would want the following concepts:  (these havent been playtested,
Im just rattling them off of the top of my head)

   1) There probably needs to be some kind of 4th attribute, for
      Endurance, Health or whatever you want to call it.  (No, 
      this is NOT going to turn into a GURPS discussion.)

   2) A character's Hitpoints should not change as he/she gains
      experience.  What should change is their likelyhood of 
      being hit.  To this end, I would advocate allowing characters
      to buy weapon talents at multiple levels and using those
      to reduce an opponent's chance to hit them.

         Example: Thrain has SWORD-3.  When using a sword, Thrain
         has the ability of reducing the "to hit" rolls vs 
         opponents attacking through his front hexes; ie, -1 to
         to each of three opponents, -3 to a single opponent, etc.
      This would give the effect of parrying without going through
      all of the "GURPSian" mechanics.

      Further, hitpoints should be determined on relative body
      mass.  Say all Humans have 12 hitpoints, Elves and Dwarves
      have 10, Halflings might have 6, etc.

   3) There was supposed to be a third item here but now I can't
      remember what it was.  Oh well, I've probably stirred the 
      pot enough for now.  }:D

Dan Tulloh

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