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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

Daniel Tulloh wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Joe Hartley wrote:
> >
> > >    3)  Use TFT as a model and write our own RPG that is based
> > >        upon it.
> >
> > This will be tricky unless someone in the group can offer expert
> > opinions on when copyright violations are happening.  The term
> > "Megahex," for example, is likely to be considered a copyrighted
> > term.  Has any other game used a map with megahexes?  I've not seen
> > one; that type of map is also likely to be considered copyrighted.
> > (This is based on an email discussion I had with SJ many moons ago.)
> Well, we can always jin up some other term: "Grande-Hex" or some
> such.  Anything that will bring to mind the idea of a big hex
> will suffice.  As far as the actual map, putting some Megahexes
> in bold print was nice but is not absolutely necessary.

The idea of a hex of hexes is not new, I remember Greyhawk using hexes
on it's big map, with little hexes assumed within.

How about 'Overhex'?  Or 'Radius One OverHex', which actually _says_
something, and is not just a name.  The Chitin megahexes would be
'Radius Two' overhexes...

A single hexagon could be a 'hex', a group of seven a 'curse', and group
of 19 a 'damnation'.  :)  (In keeping with the 'Devil's Advocate' theme)
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