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RE: (TFT) apprentices

>From: stan [mailto:srydzews@ix.netcom.com]

>Michael Taylor wrote:
>> Unless your born a wizard, Aid is a 3 IQ spell - which takes 9
>> months to learn, and your not earning any money while your learning it -
>> your probably paying it!
>> Is your dad really going to sponser that kind of free ride - just so you
>> can be someone else's ST battery?

>Each of those
>weeks I'm saving 10 sp over the cost of having a "real" apprentice
>around, as well as being freed from teaching duties.  

While it is more cost effective to run your apprentices this way, it does
not fit with the world. Modern ideas of division of labor and capital
allotment are not part of the Cidrian mindset. Old World prejudices and the
idea of classes of people with little ability to change their status are the
way of life for a world with guilds and appentices. 

If having guilds and apprentices was more efficient in a modern balance
sheet way, it would still be in MAJOR use. The impetus to use apprentices
and guilds in TFT would be from social forces and role-playing, not from
economic reasons. If a game master and his players do not think that is they
type of game they want (historiclly accurate is not always the most fun)
then modifing rules may work. Or else the game master could construct a
world with a more modern economy. Instead of guilds based in cites Wizards
may team up in almost company form. Training day laborers in aid spells. It
would be like an automotive palnt. With trained blue-collor laborers
providing strength and accountants managing the assets. 

At least that is how I would operate if I was a mage in that world. Then
again I have the advantage of having learned modern economics. A course not
available to those poor guild joining mages or yesteryear.

Don't blame Machiavelli..
---peasants are just dumb
Justin Sandock
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