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Re: (TFT) apprentices

Michael Taylor wrote:
> Unless your born a wizard, Aid is a 3 IQ spell - which takes 9
> months to learn, and your not earning any money while your learning it -
> your probably paying it!
> Is your dad really going to sponser that kind of free ride - just so you
> can be someone else's ST battery?

No, but a wizard might.  Here's the deal.  I'll spend nine weeks
(2xspells IQ
minus your IQ) teaching you the Aid spell.  Full time.  I'm a fairly
high IQ
"town wizard" so I just lost 200x9=1800 SP of income.  To pay me back,
agree to work for me for three years, getting paid 20SP a week.  Each of
weeks I'm saving 10 sp over the cost of having a "real" apprentice
around, as well as being freed from teaching duties.  After that, you're
to seek employement elsewhere or I'll keep you on for $40 a week--but
never spend a single minute of time teaching you another spell.

That might be reasonable, or maybe not.  The real crux of the matter is
much of the wizard's time is taken up with teaching "real" apprentices. 
doesn't specify any amounts of time, so maybe it's negligible--perhaps
apprentices mainly learn just by watching the wizard work magic.  The
of learning spells as an apprentice on AW p.10 sort-of implies that such
the case--the apprentice doesnt' have to set aside time to learn, so
the teacher doesn't have to set aside time to teach?  If that's true
there'd be
no advantage to these "Aid worker" arrangements.
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