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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

From: Daniel Tulloh

If I were going to the design the ultimate TFT-like RPG, I think
I would want the following concepts:  (these havent been playtested,
Im just rattling them off of the top of my head)

    If I were to design the ultimate TFT-like game, I'd:
1) Get rid of DX. Replace it with Mind-Body Coordination, an average of ST and IQ, with racial adjustments. 2) Add Soul as an attribute. This would govern magic use, and also creative/artistic and social/religeous skills. (This is based on my personal philosophy that the spiritual combines creativity (emulating the Creator) and connection (to God, a god, nature, or any social group). 3) Totally revamp the magic system. I prefer a system similar to that used in Duel.
    But then the game wouldn't really be TFT, would it?
                                -- Pat

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