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(TFT) Devil's Advocate

Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
>I'm sorry but I think you have "pipe dreams."  <

Oh, your probably right, but definitely not because I'd *prefer* it that
way. I'm more than willing to put up the work and the money to make it

Sure, my girlfriend would think I was insane, but that's not big leap from
where most people think I am anyway....

I dont think it happened 20 years ago for a couple of reasons. First, I
think HT might have really thought that it would be worth something and as
time passes, the reality is more in our favor than his right now. 

Also, its rumored that Steve Jackson thought that TFT - while good, was
still "just another" fantasy RPG, of which the market was flooded. I dont
think he really realized its value until much later. I think maybe alot of
people that would have been interested have felt the same way - they can do
another system that has just as good a chance as TFT. Only after 20 years
can we look back and say - "No. That design was just that good and hasn't
been equalled since."

Also, keep in mind how hard it would've been to contact HT without the
Internet! Only now, could we really have gotten all the people together to
serious discuss this as a group. An indivudal would've had a helluva time
making an offer otherwise (both myself and Rick Smith have tried!).

Also, keep in mind the nature of the hobby. Only now that we're all forty
year old geeks could we realistically even remotely afford it. 

So, yeah, it's probably a pipe dream, but I dont think it was any more
possible within the last 20 years than it is now...

PS: Can anyone get a hold of Lester Smith or Ronald Pehr? I think they
would both be interested in this idea and might have some ideas to

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