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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

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>   But then the game wouldn't really be TFT, would it?
                                 -- Pat<

Nope. And that's kindof why I would'nt be interested in it. 

A 4th attribute for Heath? Might as well use GURPS. Doesn't make any sense
to me at all - but that's just my preference. If someone wanted that as an
Optional Rule for TFT, I wouldn't mind. But if someone proposed a game that
had 4 attributes: ST, DX, IQ and HT - I wouldn't even flip through it. 

I have to assume that the Mind-Body-Soul-Coordination was something of an
example. I liked DUEL as well, but again, I think a TFT-like system would
be a near-miss, but not enough to garantee success - and certainly not
enough to warrent alot of money or time spent. 

I'm just using that as an example to say that while we MIGHT be able to
agree on what should go into a second publication of TFT, we'd probably
NEVER be able to agree on what should go into a "TFT-like" RPG. 

This is in fact one of the strong points of the TFT design. Everyone likes
something different about it!

You said you'd revamp the magic system? Heck, I'd completely throw out the
combat system and redesign it! But the TFT system supported such tinkering
better than any other game system.

Just my opinion...
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