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RE: (TFT) apprentices

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>Instead of guilds based in cites Wizards
may team up in almost company form. Training day laborers in aid spells. It
would be like an automotive palnt. With trained blue-collor laborers
providing strength and accountants managing the assets. 

At least that is how I would operate if I was a mage in that world. Then
again I have the advantage of having learned modern economics. A course not
available to those poor guild joining mages or yesteryear.

Actually, that was kind of my point. No matter how gamers can envision
magic item 'factories' that use hired apprentices to churn out Wish spells,
the fact of the matter is that most "Cidri" societies wouldn't support that
kind of use of slave labor. The parents of the apprentices wouldn't have it
and the society would run you out of town with torches and pitchforks.

At least not willingly. As far as unwilling labor - can you force someone
to cast an Aid spell for you, draining their life essence? I tend to doubt

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