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(TFT) Apprentices

Dominic writes . . .

>If a wizard has to "waste" time training an apprentice, he probably
>wouldn't have one in the first place....

   I like the apprentice rules from Forrest Johnson's Minor Institutions of
Cidri article in SG.  I rewrote the bit about hiring apprentices for my own
campaign.  Here it is:

Hire Out an Apprentice
   Need an apprentice (or three) to help out with that magic item creation
project?  The Guild can refer you to as many apprentices as you need.
   Each apprentice works on a six month contract for $50 a week (which
includes living expenses).  Write down the contract expiration date of each
hired apprentice in the Time Use Tracking section of their character sheet.
You can let go of an apprentice before the contract is up, but you must pay
him $100 severance pay.
   Don't bother keeping the books for an apprentice.  You can assume he
finds a good use for his money.
   In return for his pay, each apprentice will provide you with 25 ST a day
for spellcasting, creating magic items, recharging ST batteries, or
whatever.  It's assumed that apprentices are also used to fetch and carry
and other mundane work you may assign them.
   To discover what your new charge is like, use the Random NPCs chapter
below.  The only two non-random things about him are that he must be a
wizard (naturally) and he should know the Aid spell.
   An apprentice will not go adventuring with you without a GM-made reaction
roll.  However, if you have an encounter in the city there's a 1-in-6 chance
that one apprentice (roll randomly) is with you at the time.
   Every week he is in your employ, make a job roll for him (4/18).  If he
rolls a 4 or less then increase a random attribute by one.  If he fails a
roll then the usual consequences happen.  If he survives and is injured then
he cannot work for you until he fully recovers.
   Of course you must teach your apprentice a spell once every four months.
It doesn't take any time to do so - he learns bit-by-bit over that four
months.  You choose what spell of your own that you teach him.
   Once a year an apprentice can ask for a raise.  If he makes a 3-die roll
vs. IQ then he asks for 10% more pay from you.  If you turn him down then he
quits and seeks employment elsewhere (but no severance pay is necessary).

Rick writes . . .

>Not that it really matters, I just think that Macro-hex has a
>simular sound as mega-hex.

   I like the term as well.  Let's use it.

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