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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

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   3)  Use TFT as a model and write our own RPG that is based
       upon it.  We can agree it will be in the public domain,
       what the term "official release" means, etc.  This has
       a lot of possible benefits, the only drawback I can see
       is the committee development approach.<

Here's my take on this briefly. 

Game balance and design is a very delicate thing. It takes an exact balance
of decisions and probability to make a game play in a manner that is fun
and stimulating.

This is why Chess is hugely popular as a sophisticated and intelligent game
while Checkers, while very similar in 80% of its play and tactics is
considered a child's game.

My point is that if we write it close enough to TFT to duplicate what makes
TFT fun, we'll be violating copyright. If we move far enough away from TFT
to be safe from copyright infringement, we'll probably ruin the game. 

You said it yourself about "Pocket Fantasy/Compact Warrior". No matter how
close it is. It's not close enough...(sorry Guy, but that also goes for
several other games that have been very TFT-like). 

Now I dont think the TFT design can't be improved, but I doubt we could
develop something 'very similar' and yet something that doesnt violate the
copyright laws in a manner that would hold up in court. No matter how much
we went by the 'letter' of the law, the courts could still determine that
we violated the 'spirit' if we adhered too close to TFT.

Whaddya think?


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