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Re: (TFT) In search of Bobby Fischer, no ...HT

"Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au> wrote:
> if there were any way possible, someone should have a face to face meeting
> with HT. 

I certainly agree, but I think you've got as good a chance as meeting
Howard Hughes.  You may be able to meet with him if you have a good
proposal, but that sort of defeats your purpose.

It should be remembered that HT doesn't really want to sell TFT - it's
not like he's shopping it around.  Anyone wishing to purchase the rights 
to it needs to remember that.  Your first job is to give him a reason to
sell.  He's not going to go out of his way to help you do that.

Is this all difficult?  I suppose it is for anyone wishing to buy, but
he's under no obligation to make it easy for a potential buyer.

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