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(TFT) In search of Bobby Fischer, no ...HT

Dear Joe,
if there were any way possible, someone should have a face to face meeting
with HT. Speaking as a doctor training in psychiatry nothing beats this
(though in outback australia they have telemedicine, two way television to
interview aborigines and farmers 2000km from civilzation, but back to the
point). I guess the first thing to do is establish whether there is any way
to interact with the man constructively or not.
I like the game basically as is and the best way to preserve it would
obviously be with copyright etc to keep names etc. but an early meeitng
with HT would determine whether this was possible or whether a game without
copyright, called, say, "Heroes & Hymenopterans", or, "Polearms &
Prootwaddles" - we should do.

If anyone wants to start publishing anyway, they can talk to me about using
my material.
Otherwise I'm up from shares or whatever.
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