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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

> i dont consider pocket fantasy/compact warrior very tft-esque at all.

It is in design philosophy - i.e. the combat module is packaged as a game,
the magic module is packaged as a game, and they have a role-playing game
that can use the two modules (although Simply Roleplaying! does have it's
own combat chapter).

Also, it's intentionally kept simple (although some may argue that), and has
a large emphasis placed on tactical combat resolution.

There are some things that I really like about Compact Combat/Simply
Roleplaying, but I do prefer TFT.  However, MicroTactix' "Vyllage on the
Cheap" is keen!  Once life stabilizes a bit for me, I'll be assembling it
and using it in my campaign.

Tony Merlock

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