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Re: (TFT) TFT Release & C&S

From: ed <edhogg@equus.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Re: (TFT) TFT Release
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 20:54:54 +0100

Have you ever actually seen C&S 1 or 2. It is so much more than a VD&D
system. Otherwise you might as well just say that Melee is just a
Variant Chainmail.

C&S took the concepts of the FRPG and placed them firmly in a
(admittedly generic) medieval setting. It gave a magic system that,
although complex, meant that the magic using character had t actually
get involved and learn the spells, which improved the flavour.

I treasure my boxed copies of the three C&S rulebook and Sourcebook 2. They are great references for backgrounds of magic & religion. Next to GURPS, my greatest source of TFT conversion ideas.

It IS complicated; but the few times I played back in early '80s, the GM was fully versed in rules and guided us through battles and die rolls. (We played Lord of the Rings environment, so he probably adapted MERPS souces. Ahh, the gaming world doth make for an incestuous work.) Because the GM guided us through combats, I got to pay more attention to the rest of the societal references. I thought it was great. But alas, the GM moved and my friend and I were not capable at the time to GM it, so we continued playing TFT. TFT is easy to run, I'd be very hesitant nowadays to run a C&S game.

Ed (not Simbalist)
I picked up C&S 3rd edition. Nice. Cleanly presented and organized. Perhaps the copy is too tightly packed, but then any looser and you'd have a tomb. I don't think that picking up C&S for $10,000 was a mistake. Perhaps as a business venture recouping that amount along with the amount spent to print and market the new edition won't be possible, but breaking even and promoting a someting you enjoy has its merits.

Hail Melee
John Paul Bakshoian

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