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(TFT) Fire in Gameplay/Magic User tags

I did a little pondering on fire awhile back and it led to many things. What are some of the ways to make fire in gameplay?

Real                =  Torch, Molotail, etc
Magic-Illusion      =  [many people can see and feel it.]
Magic-Image         =  [many people can see it.]
Magic-TFT Fireball  =  Fire spell via fatigue
Magic-D&D Fireball  =  Fire spell via ether
Magic-Alchemy       =  Magic Fire via potions
Psionics-Perception =  [only target experiences it]
Psionics-Pyrokenisis=  Agitation of molecules to combust
Chemistry           =  Flourine and water, etc
Lasers              =  Light as heat
Vibratory           =  Sci Fi stuff
Projector           =  Holograms, etc
Miracles            =  Divine Intervention

On another bent, I thought that a Wizard's Guild Classification of Magic Users might brighten up some of the GM storylines. These aren't necessarily the "Magic" dictionary terms and its not meant to be a jobs list. (Note: This was written before the Wizard's Guild discussions.)

Magic User    - Generic Term
Magician      - ?
Warlock       - Military Arts magic user
Sorcerer      - Dark Arts specialist
Witch         - Small time solo "hedge" magic or Big Time Group magic
Wizard        - Book Learned magic user
Alchemist     - Deals with the elements & the magic that is
                inherent in physical matter  [The alchemist
                philosopher ultimately deals with Elementals
                for his Great Work]
Prestigitater - Illusion Magic
Rune master   - Glyph and Rune magic
Mage          - Deep knowledge of magic manipulation
Necromancer   - Death or Dead/Undead magic
Shaman        - Religions that uses "Earth" spirits for magic
Demonologist  - Uses demons to make magic
Satanist      - Religion uses corrupted witch coven to worship
                 demon who does magic
?             - Thieving Magic
?             - Healing magic
?             - Construction magic
?             - Detective magic
?             - Protection magic
?             - Persuasion/Sales magic
?             - Trap magic

These could be used as conversation clues: "He's strictly a warlock, has no idea how to unlock the door other than blasting it open." "Our Finder noted they have a Sorcerer and a Necromancer, but no Demonologist. Rugar our Shaman, should be able to handle the Necro, and the Mage will need some time to set up defense against the Sorcerer."

Hail Melee
John Paul Bakshoian

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