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(TFT) TFT Ownership

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>>>>>>>  When there are major conflicts like Memory concept versus Talent
I, II, 
>>>>>>>III, IV, versus talent slots by experiences or whatever, include all
>>>>>>>as Variant #1, Variant #2, Variant #3.  Do not kill one idea over
>>>>>>>make it known which Variant you use!

I like this idea alot. It's similar to FUZION's "Plug-In's. All a GM has to
sell players is that "I use Attributes: Variant #1" and it makes the rules
"consistent" but still allows alot of variation.

>>>>>>>The thing that would be best is to merge very similar rules if it
can be 
>>>>>>>done.  This would be something like: Swordsman Talent 2 [IQ 11]
>>>>>>>allows swordsman to parry and strike at the same time; Block/Stab 
[IQ 12] 
>>>>>>>cost=1 allows those with DEX 12 to parry, then counterswing on
>>>>>>>These are obviously similar.  Get the authors of each, and the
usergroup, to 
>>>>>>>either merge the concepts or delete one.

Another GREAT idea. I'm pretty sure I have a complete collection of all the
talents devised and I can tell you there is WAY too much  duplication!


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