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(TFT) Magical planes & Angels

With all the talk of Demons and Angels and planes several months ago, I have decided to throw in a Universe Concept that I have developed for a future novel. Many ideas came from White Wolf, ShadowRun, D&D, Twilight Zone & religious sources. This is being posted to give the group some ideas, and does not necessarily follow the world of CIDRI.

This world is sandwiched between interdimensional planes that are milimeters apart. These planes can be accessed by people (this is rare) for travel or energy.

Here is a graphic look at the dimensions:



____________Demon Plane_______________(Magical beings)__________

____________1 mil plane (infrared)____Magic_____________________


____________1 mil plane (ultraviolet)_Spirit____________________

____________Dead Plane________________(Spiritual beings)________



The Rad Plane radiates magical energy into the Demon Plane. Beings and things in the Demon Plane are therefore inherently magical. Some of the rad gets through the seperation of the Infrared 1 mil plane. The Infrared Plane is a high rad/low mana plane. It is a no-mans land as one has to put effort into staying there or slip out of the plane. Many elementals and magical creatures escape to here. Earth is a normal rad plane with many pockets of low rad and some high rad.

Earth is also a normal mana plane with many pockets of low mana and some high mana sites. The Ultraviolet Plane is a very low rad plane; it is also a high mana plane. Many spirits and souls escape death here. Beings and things in the Dead Plane are inherently soulful and incorporate as the mana from Mana Plane radiates out (eliminates) almost all magic.

The 1 Mil Planes most often look exactly like Earth. Same walls, storms, hills, etc. Often times a closed door cannot be opened here. Sometimes you can walk through walls. Sometimes you get stuck in the wall if you try to go through. Its a wierd mix of cans and can'ts that the GM arbitrates as he goes along. <These rules have not been fully created yet.>

The Infrared (everything has a red tint to it) 1 mil plane is a great place to study magic and spy on things. Mages often come to this plane to do their studies. Magic auras show up easily here. Beware of magical beasts that love eating souls. Magic done here rarely affects Earth unless its very powerful. Anything of that power will likely bring "spectators". [High rad areas on earth are like the "mana" areas of GURPS Fantasy. These high rad areas should benefit learning of spells, spellcasting or recouping fatigue.]

The Ultraviolet (everything has a violet tint to it) 1 mil plane is the place where some recently departed souls become oriented to death before their harvesting by the Gods of Death or whatever. This is also a haven for those who have escaped the Death Camps. Spiritualists talk to the dead here. Shamans walk the dead through here to "heaven". This is a good place to track down that vampire or be hounded by that wraith. [High Mana areas on Earth should benefit communication with the gods or spirits and aid in healing.]

All living things have an aura: an energy field that radiates from them and usually about an inch surrounding them. Each sentient soul has the ability to do psionics if it recognized that it could. Almost no-one recognizes this though. The larger the aura, the more power it has.

Magical beings have no spirits or souls: Once they cease living, they de-exist. Magical beings do posses an aura (in a sense, thats all they are. Most of them have huge auras.)

Souls posses an aura. If you strip one's aura away, they will still exist. They may not be able to do anything until they recreate their aura over time, but they don't non-exist. Even soul-suckers don't non-exist souls, they just leach the aura dry.

Here is the concept of aura:      *=soul      ( )=aura
                             *                 stripped of aura
                            (*)                little power
                         (   *    )            some power
                  (          *          )      lots of power

There are a few who would do magic. This is a degraded form of psionics using formulas as vias. This uses the power of your aura to tap into the rad plane and use that energy to break the rules of physics. The standard magician uses his aura (personal energy) to open a path to the Rad Plane. There he can tap into (grab) some rad and bring it through to him using the formulas he has learned. This rad is so powerful it fatigues the magic user.

A few magicians are powerful enough (auras are larger) that they do not use as much rad and so are less fatigued. [This follows a GURPS MAGIC concept.] There are rare mages who have discovered how to tap into rad without using aura and these magicians do not fatigue at all. [This follows the D&D concept.] Those rare magicians who use strictly rad accrue "paradox". [This is a White Wolf concept.] If enough "paradox" accrues on a magician, a wraith will come and collect the "paradox", which is a horrible event for the magician.

Those superpowerful mages who go that one step beyond often disappear from the world as they obtain a godlike state and transcend. Their aura has expanded so much that it made a quantum leap to the level of demi-god and the body discorporates.

Humanoids can call upon the gods. Sometimes these gods listen. Rarely they will even respond. Responses are from a little luck to a miracle to an angel appearance to (god forbid) Direct Divine Intervention. Holy Men seem to have the ability to flow the divine's miracle through them. Whether the God and religion have organized these miracles into a set of prayers and responses or they are some vague coincidents of a plea is up to the GameMaster. (I have a bumper sticker that says: Carpe DM - Sieze the DungeonMaster!)

The Gods themselves seem to be only dabbling with the Earth. I kind of see it like American Baseball. These gods are in the minor leagues waiting to be discovered, then they go play in the major (universe) leagues or something like that. Thats why there is such a turnover and so many gods. And they have rules to play by that we can't fathom. But some of these rules seem to be: Don't add to much spice to Earth or it will ruin what's boiling in the kettle. Don't make a mess with the other gods, but if you do, return it to the way it was. AND DON'T make any of the MAJOR leaguers come down and straighten this out or everyone gets canned. So there isn't a lot of Direct Intervention or even wars between the gods. Let the Earthers play their game and let the god be the talent scout to raise a demi-god or two.

The Gods of the Dead seem to be out of the loop for promotion (perhaps they are coaches?), so sometimes they fester and rampage through the Earth. Maybe Gods of the Dead are union, so the Major Leagues can't do much about it? Unfortunately, the Death Camps are not part of this system at all. They would like nothing more than to start a league of their own.

"Magical" beasts are not of the Earth plane. They come from other dimensions on the mana side (Unicorns) or the rads side (Salamandars).

Summoned creatures are mostly pulling mana into a physical creature shape and having Mother Nature imbue it with an aura; except for demons and elementals which really are summoned from the Demon Plane.

Mother Nature {by whatever name you give it} is primordial. It is not a god or a spirit, but is a bubbling potential of life and creativity bound into this mudball of earth. It is almost an energy, almost a spirit, almost a sustenance. (Mother Nature deals with quasi-souls: Spirits. A spirit is a sentient or semi-sentient entity that goes back to an energy pool when it "dies". It is not an independent entity.)

Mother Nature would be here in hibernation (lowest ebb of energy) if the world was a cinder, but the more the world lives, the bigger is NATURE's potential. Thus a rich, thriving, living environment fosters Mother Nature.

However, Mother Nature has spawned "children." These are archetype spirits that nurse off Mother Nature. They wish to keep the earth the way it was before humanoids (they came into being before humanoids and there is not a humanoid totem.) The archetype totems feed off of those who "worship" them. Totem "spirit guides" are actually souls of dead shaman raised to "Guide Level." Totems often 'work' together to keep the status quo of the world, even if they nip and each other now and then.

Shamans are humanoids who use or worship "Mother Nature". They often align with a Totem. Totems hate magic (They use Mother Nature energy, which is quite spiritual, to produce effects). Totems hate demons.

Demons are beings from the Demon Plane. This vast area is heavily irradiated from the Rads Plane. This means that magic is the stuff of life to these beings. This dimension can be anyway you picture it. Demons can be any way you picture them.

I would probably set it up as several nations competing for land & power (I liked the DragonQuest Demon Feudal system), but also trying not to demolish their plane. There are demons who are chaotic and cruel or organized and lazy or inquisitive and nice. A few are so powerful they don't have to affiliate with nations at all. Some come to the Infrared 1 mil plane to escape enemies, or to relax.

Demons actually use Souls as a form of money. They have a process where they strip away the aura and compress the soul into a coin (like carbon is to diamonds). The tortured soul is next to non-existed and it is the worst thing that can be done to it. There is lots of this kind of cash in the demon lands.

One of the problems that Demons have is that somehow humanoids (& Humans in particular) have found a way to summon demons to Earth and even Bind them to do humanoid bidding. This is humiliation that is tough on the demon back home. A demon can redeam some of his pride by trashing the locale he was summoned to, but that is not always possible. Also, it physically and mentally hurts a demon being on the plane of Earth. That is one reason we are not overrun with those who have the knowledge to jump.

There does not have to be this antipathy between humanoids and demons. They can actually work toward a common goal. It depends on the personalities involved. However, if you want them all evil, they are. Demons hate Angels because mana is dangerous to rads.

Angels are powerful beings from the Dead Plane. Some are organinized by the various gods, some are retired and have thier own agendas. They sometimes like 'slumming on Earth' and occasionally "test" Earthers for the merit. An angel might even "adopt" an Earther and become its "Guardian Angel", though this may not be so good for the victim as he might think he is being haunted. If you want angels to be evil, they are.

Angels hate Demons as they are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Rads are actually dangerous to Spiritual Beings and Mana is dangerous to a Magical Being.

Some religions have sanctifications that prevent magic or magical beings {demons} from happening in the sanctified region. Note also that some sanctifications also prevent certain souls or spirits from coming into that space {Undead, Vampires}. But Sanctifications can always be polluted and thus voided.

Also, religions usually are a mana based enterprise, but not always. A rad based religion {or even Mother Nature} would be possible.

Magicians whose purpose is to extend their physical lives - immortality via knowledge of death and the control of soul (and spirits) usually through magic.

This is sort of like a negative shaman: A shaman gets power from spirits and a necromancer steals power from spirits.

Any zombie spell is sticking a spirit into a body. For a non-sentient zombie, this would be some small animal spirit. For a zombie that can make it's own decisions, this would be a humanoid soul (that is tortured and 'drugged' to follow the necromancer.)

Some examples of what Necros can control:
 *Zombies, Skeletons, Ghouls
 *Ghosts, Wights
 *Wraiths (necromancer created)
 *Vampires, Death Knights, Mummies, Liches

A necromancer may occasionally ally himself with a God of the Dead, but he does not like the idea of being duty bound to them.

There are several Gods of the Dead. They are weak on the Earth Plane unless supported by necropriests. Certain creatures are the creation of Gods of the Dead: Ghouls, Vampires....
but the gods have long since lost control of them.

Gods of the Dead are the ones most likely to raise a dead army (not just a squad for bullying purposes.) Gods of the Dead don't need to maintain power in their raised army. It is permanent.

Gods of the Dead in the Dead Plane are usually benign and house the soul until it is ready (per some godly law) to be sent to Earth again. The type of "Heaven or Hell" usually depends on the type of religion the soul previously held. The length of time in the "Heaven or Hell" is usually dictated by the soul's previous held beleif: short time for "reincarnation", long time for those who belief in "one life", athiests time could be short or long.

There also are Death Camps. These are domains set up by evil supersouls who leach the aura off of poor unfortunate dead souls. They suck them dry for so long that eventually the soul goes into oblivion. They tend to harvest (hunt down) their prospects in the Ultraviolet 1 mil plane and carry them back to their tortorous Death Camps. Even Gods of the Dead have trouble with Death Camp Soldiers.

So this is just one way to unify magicians with clerics, demons with angels, summonings and spirits. It seems to make a nice frame from which to hang a gameworld, though there are many others. This frame would allow for shamans to walk the dead to "Heaven" as well as a way of clarifying whether that summoned creature actually CAME from somewhere else or just exists for this short time span. And none of this ever has to be known to the poor earthling beating his head against the castle wall. But lo, the wizard who just learns of the Infrared Plane; what possibilities lie in wait for him. Or the haunted Duke who can now "walk" the Ultraviolet Plane and confront his ghosts.

Are there Souls in magical bodies? What would happen if a demon entered a high mana area? -Would it pollute the area or destroy the demon? If a Moliated Coin were to be taken into the dead plane, would the soul be able to be rejuvinated? -What experience would this have on the soul?

Just some thoughts....

Hail Melee

John Paul
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