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Re: (TFT) Magical planes & Angels

Dear JPB etc.
I must say I liked your planes

Thinking about religions, I liked the ones where there were waves of gods
with similar portfolios duking it out with each other over the years,
Greek, Babylonian and Irish are the three most obvious historical, and
Glorantha could get pretty bloodthirsty.

Soap opera type god sagas are great for quirks in religions - e.g
Yelm/Yelmalio lost use of Fire in Glorantha, forgotten why now. Ares as
chaotic evil god of war/bloodlust, while Athena was lawful good honour/war

When I've created worlds I've
followed these ideas (older gods generally more
barbarian/primal/elemental/witch, younger more urbane). Question is, do
folk wish to mythologize TFT - import deities (eg titans cast out of
Olympus, Aesir after Ragnarok) or create a whole bunch? I like JPBs enough
to adopt it - did ya do gods as well?

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