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Re: (TFT) Magical planes & Angels

From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Magical planes & Angels
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 21:08:06 -0700

Dear JPB etc.
I must say I liked your planes

When I've created worlds I've
followed these ideas (older gods generally more
barbarian/primal/elemental/witch, younger more urbane). Question is,
do folk wish to mythologize TFT - import deities (eg titans cast out of Olympus, Aesir after Ragnarok) or create a whole bunch? I like JPBs enough to adopt it - did ya do gods as well?


Thanks for the compliment of adopting it. This particular project is only in the outline stage, so I haven't made any gods yet. Just the vague concept that there will be many, though only a few will be meddling in the Earthers affairs for any given game. And the meddling might only involve the ability for clerics to do miracles. Then again... I have a TFT Troop Movement campaign going on now right now that involves one of the Gods of the Dead and his undead army.

Also, my gameworld currently is a hybrid GURPS FANTASY/Personal mix. The GURPS FANTASY world actually has as the main religions the main three Earth western religions: Christianity (Medieval Catholicism), Judaism, and Moslumism. The GURPS FANTASY has it that during Medieval times Earthers were gated to this Orc/Elf/Dwarf world where they set up their own societies. I adopted it to my Nortam continent on CIDRI which already had humans practicing their religions; mainly Mitra. I just said that the Christianity was very similar to Mitra-ism and I stated that since Christ had no juristiction on CIDRI (to avoid real-time religious unpleasantness if something wierd went on in the CIDRI Catholic Church), Mitra was only to glad to adopt the Christians. Eventually, the Christian/Mitra church grew into a powerhouse. Funny thing is, Mitra also adopted and empowers the Judaic religion and the Moslum religion, but kept them seperate. I do not know what his opinion is on the holy wars between his religions.

There are many other empowered religions on Nortam. The main alternate to Mitra is Set. I've used quite a lot of data from GURPS CONAN in Nortam. Just a note: I run my Christians seriously. The clerics are dedicated to Mitra, the CHRIST of CIDRI. They do require their followers to confess and take the sacriment.

I am of the opinion that no Player Character or Non-Player Character can ever kill a God. Don't even bother about hit points for the god. A God can perhaps kill a god, but that would only be stripping the God of his aura. It would be an interesting game to run a God who has been stripped of most of his aura and cursed by returning to earth as a humanoid who remembers the Godhood he once had. How would he react to his religion crumbling as he stands before the gates of his church?

As to your question of mytholizing TFT, I am assuming this would be for the alternate worlds/continents option and does not have to be used by the purists as there is not any affective religiuos system in TFT. I would only create gods for publication if they went to a particular GameWorld. That way the culture and religion for that particular society could be worked out as well. Traditional historical religion could be adapted as well as Traditional fictional religion as well as newly created TFT religions. On the Traditional historical religion adapted to a gaming scenario with gods not of thier myth context, I would make them clannish. Sure Thor might fight with Loki, but let an outside god like Posieden meddle and the clan would unite.

This brings up the question of do the gods meddle and how much. And does this meddling involve making the religion empowered with miracles. Because Clerics and Miracles are a whole addendum to the gods issue. It is a CORE RULE VARIATION or at least a MINOR VARIATION and would (and has) have its own topic.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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